Concrete slip form pavers

TD800  Slip form pavers provides the most efficient solution for concrete road construction using the most advanced automation technology. This is an excellent choice for highway projects, airport runways, subway projects, harbors.


Width of the road: 4.5 -8m

Depth of road: 450mm.

Spreading speed: 0-4.5 m / min

275 Turbo turbocharged diesel engine. Fuel tank capacity of 400L.

Two-legged crawler travel system, variable height adjustable by 4 hydraulic cylinders.

Three-stage hydraulic pump system Sauer Danfoss powerful, long life. The hydraulic motor equipment, control valve imported from the world-famous firms provide reliability in operation.

Hydraulic oil tank capacity 800L

Screwdriver:   Diameter 400mm, made of wear-resistant steel, speed 0-300 rpm

Hydraulic compacting system

14 hydraulic diameters 66mm, working pressure 800-1300 PSI, flow 15 liters per minute.

High-level sensor control system with standard wire tension system fully automate the machine control process

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