Equipment for the production of prestressed pile

Concrete reinforced concrete piles or reinforced concrete pile walls or pile walls are special types of retaining walls, which are often used to protect riverine works in conjunction with shoreline erosion protection. river
We specialize in manufacturing equipment and transfer technology for production of prestressed concrete reinforced concrete pile with Japanese standard.
Basic equipment for the pile production line
- Platform system: Fixed support and slide support

Stressing strapping cable:

Depending on the requirements of the pile products, customers can choose hydraulic force with a pull from 150 to 600 tons.

Hydraulic power source and control system:   Power source used for hydraulic traction system includes hydraulic pump, saloon valve, safety valve, pressure sensor, electric motor 6P AC (5.5kw - Oil and gauges are manufactured in Korea.

Electronic control panel and programmable logic control (for programmable control and retention of tensile strength for each pile type), the control panel is equipped with synchronous control circuit tension of two hydraulic cylinders. The control panel is also equipped with a printer, which can print out tensile data, date / time, working parameters.

Typical equipment parameters and pile standards

-     The tensile system 400 tons in length from 60m to 100m is used for the production of prestressed pile type: W120, W180, W250, W300.

-     The tensile system of 600 tons of length 80m to 100m is used for the production of prestressed pile type: W350, W400, W500, W600.

-     Tension system from 800 tons to 1000 tons in length of 120m is used for the production of prestressed piles W700 to W1200.

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