Brick cut machine

Brick cutters are used to cut light concrete blocks into small, beautiful bricks of uniform size and especially after cutting without oil.
After cutting the car will be transported to the maintenance area 4-8 hours, then the brick is transferred to the wooden pallet, wrapped in plastic film and stored.
 On the control panel there is a cut-off frequency control system, which allows adjustment of the cutting surface of the bricks from smooth to rough.
- Product is very uniform and has a very nice surface.
- Cost reduction due to reduced mold oil up to 95% compared to single molded castings.
- The brick does not stick to the oil separator mold so the link between the bricks well, easy to build bowl.
- Reduce a lot of mold removal work.
- Flexible to meet all types of customers.




Maximum cutting power

8 m3/h

Brick Dimensions

1050 x 1045 x 400 (600) mm

Tile size 

80 x 200 x 400 (600) mm

Quantity - subject to change

72 capsule / cut

Cutting time

5 min / ing

Cutting interval after molding

1h – 8h

Cutting wire made of abrasive steel is available on the market

Taiwan Electric Motor Reducer

2 x 0.75 kW + 2.2 kW

Electric control device

LS - Korea

Omron – Japan

Automatic cutting mode


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